H O W   T O   P L A Y

Sometimes you have to click something (like in the first puzzle)
But most of the time you have to change the last part of the url
Like right now the last part of the url is: rulesandotherstuff
And if you think the answer to a certain level is: hints for men
then you change (replace) rulesandotherstuff into hintsformen

And... I didn't use hints for men but... hintsformen
That's another technical rule:
Never use spaces and never use capital letters in your answer.
Also no commas, no question marks etc. etc.
So, just the 26 lowercase letters are allowed.

If you tried a wrong answer you get a page with a cat.
If so, then go back (in your browser) and try a better answer.

Ps, to get in the riddle mood, if there's a page hintsformen then what's probably a page too? (just try both, it's fun).

It seems some pages can display the information differently than it was made/intended and sometimes even some parts of the texts are missing when playing in Microsoft Edge. This whole riddle is made in FireFox and I don't force you to play in FireFox, but just in case you suspect a page is not correct when playing in another browser, check it in FireFox.


I made a lot of riddles - click to see them. Always with a large number of levels and eggs and a lot of humour. Always based on original ideas (apart from the beginning, to remind you of the basic riddle tricks). The same goes for this one. It's a big one (26 intro levels, 50 levels real riddle and 36 bonus levels makes a total of 112 levels and of course loads and loads of eggs).

Bookmark all levels and make notes. THIS GAME DOESN'T AUTOSAVE. Besides, you might need those answers, methods, previous levels info etc etc. later and more importantly you might wanna help other players later.  
Ps, if you only make notes (no bookmarks), then you should also know the basic url changes a few times too in this game. So, if this happens, make a note!

Of course all online-change-the-url-riddles (including all of mine) will forever be indebted to the inventor (David Münnich) of these kind of games. Notpron (or this link) was the very first and even has its own Wiki page.
Of course I'm very grateful, but that was 17 years ago. Didn't we move on? Like information in the source. That was really, really great... then. It was very, very original... then. Nobody ever thought of looking for the answer in the source of a page. Nowadays it's not original at all. It's even worse: it's not like sometimes on a level there's a subtle hint you find the answer or a hint in the source. Nope, it's simply standard to put extra info in the source. WHY!? The only result is the first thing players nowadays do is click ctrl-U to view the source. What's the use, where's the fun in that? It's only an extra click. Why not give a player all the info needed right away on the level. Instead of spending the time to hide your hints in the source you better spend your time to hide your hints with creative, original word use and things like that.
Anyway, in my riddles; No source info, No software needed, No Guessing, No Google-Guessing, No change the extension to get a txt file, a wav, a jpeg, a png, a gif, a zip or whatever shit. No, no way! Just original stuff to make your brain work (instead of needing all kind of technical computer knowledge) and sometimes a bit of Google if there's a gap in your general knowledge :P